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We're taking drinking straws back to their grass roots. 

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Made using sugarcane fibre, Stroh’s Sugarcane range is an eco-friendly plastic-free alternative. 100% commercially compostable certified, these plant-based drinking straws break down in 160 days and will grow back over time. 

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Stroh’s Water Grass range of drinking straws features natural ridges, giving a beautiful organic look. 100% natural and made using wild Lepironia grass from Vietnam, this range of straws are home compostable, gluten-free, and are 100% biodegradable. 

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Natural, original and rapidly renewable. Wheat straws were the original invention before synthetic materials were used. Crafted by nature using the stem of a wheat plant, Stroh’s wheat range is entirely gluten-free, naturally waterproof, so they won’t go soggy and enhance your presentation. 

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The Last Straw

10 million plastic straws used in Australia every day. They are the top 10 most common item found in beach cleanups.

The current situation

Plastic straws take 200 years to break down, releasing nasty toxic chemicals back into the food chain and killing marine life.

Wheat straws won't harm the environment

They are a natural byproduct of hay which will quickly breakdown in the environment


We tried them at Channel 9Honey and found them to be remarkably similar to the familiar feel of a plastic straw, with the same kind of benefits.

Jane De Graff

It’s fantastic to see home compostable alternatives to single-use plastic items enter the marketplace. This is the circular economy in action!

Tim Silverwood, Take 3 For The Sea

We couldn’t be happier with our Stroh’s! As well suiting our space beautifully the sustainability factor made it an easy choice. Our customers love them also

Alon, Coffee Bondi Beach

Plastic Bans In Australia - Everything you need to know!

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