5 startups to partner with today to become zero waste

Landfills are reaching breaking point, our seemingly infinite resources are depleting and our recycling facilities can't cope with the volume of waste in the aftermath of China sword.* 

The answer to this is making headlines, the circular economy!

Currently we operate in a linear economy, we use something once and throw it away. A circular economy means nothing will go to waste, it is reduced, reused and recycled. It’s about looking at waste as a resource.

Here are some awesome startups in Melbourne addressing the circular economy in the hospitality space which you can partner with to reduce your environmental impact.


Yume divert perfectly edible food otherwise destined for the landfill, by selling it on their app for 20% below wholesale price.Think fresh Tasmanian salmon which missed it’s drop off window at the supermarket. To date they have diverted 408,361kg from going to landfill. Legends!


Reground collect used coffee grounds from cafes and give these to community gardens. To date they have saved 154 tonnes of coffee grounds from entering landfill. Dream boats.

Waste Ninja

Did you know each year, Australians send over 7 million tonnes of food/organic waste to landfill, wasting precious resources and releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Waste Ninja is an organics collection service based in Melbourne and expanding to different states soon. They collect food waste which gets turned into biofuel. Swoon.

Compost collectors

Compost collectors collect your organics waste and are passionate about making this into the best possible compost. Keep up the good work!


Stroh is also proudly a circular business, wheat straws are made from an agricultural waste product of the wheat harvesting process. And because they are 100% natural they are fully home compostable, closing the loop! In fact our friends at Animus distillery and Dukes Coffee roasters are already putting our straws to good use in their compost.

We love hearing about other circular businesses! Send us your favourites in other states so we can build a zero waste community.




(*China is no longer accepting our waste.)