Four Pillars Gin turn the byproduct of gin into delicious creations

Four Pillars Gin may be well known for their award winning experimental gins but these talented distillers are also leading the way in the sustainability space.

They focus on reducing and reusing. Reducing the energy and goods needed to create gin and reusing the by-product of gin by turning this into delicious creations!

Waste as a resource

Every batch of Four Pillars award winning Rare Dry Gin left them with around 5kg of gin-steamed fruit – luscious organic oranges exploding with all the botanical goodness from the pot. Huge flavour bombs that they would have been crazy to waste.

These oranges became the inspiration for their first ‘made from gin’ product. Working with local preserver, Caroline Gray from ‘A Bit of Jam & Pickle’, they turned their gin-steamed oranges into an award-winning marmalade. 

Reduce and reuse

Their Closed loop water system recirculates the water used to heat their stills, whilst also reclaiming the heat produced during distillations so that they can use it to heat their bar and tasting area. They recently completed the installation of a 70 Kilowatt solar system that will reduce carbon emissions by more than 100 tonnes.

What businesses do you know developing innovative solutions to reduce waste?