Not another straw article

Straws have captured the world’s attention, crossing political divides and reaching celebrity heights, when Kim Kadashian tweets about it, you know it’s serious! But some argue -  they’re just straws? Its taking people's attention away from bigger issues like climate change and even worst offending waste.

Why straws?

Quite simply because these little pieces of plastic represent something that each one of us can relate to and have an impact on. When we see large scale destruction, such as mountains of plastic it’s overwhelming, powerless we switch off, but each one of us can eliminate plastic straws and encourage others to do so, It’s within the realm of our control.

A single person becoming aware of straws is the catalyst for bigger change, it spreads to other areas of their life, a reusable bag, the reusable cup, pressuring their employer to recycle, joining a plastic free movement, signing a petition.

So let’s embrace the straw movement and see where else this can take us!