Plastic Free July Hospo Tips

Plastic Free July is all about raising awareness on how we can reduce plastic waste, and as we draw to the end of this incredible month, we want to share a few tips and tricks from some progressive folk in the hospitality industry.  

Tip 1: Replace flimsy plastic takeaway containers and cling film to store food with more robust reusable plastic containers.

By Dee Allen, who’s Head of Sustainability over at the Speakeasy Group 

“We were finding that we'd be ordering sleeves of them on a weekly basis. We're replacing them with hard plastic containers that have long lifespans. The heavy duty containers will prevent such large scale wastage. Our head chef has also replaced all the plastic containers she used to use for her mise en place with metal containers.

Where possible, we've phased out using vacuum seal plastic bags for infusions. We often infuse spirits with spices/fruits etc in reusable containers.

The way we store herbs and flowers used to be quite wasteful too. Because things like mint can burn in the cold fridge air, we would wrap them in clingwrap to protect them. When packing up the bar at the end of a night, caddies of left over olives/flowers/herbs were clingwrapped too. Now we store everything in reusable sealed containers lined with damp cloth. (It also keeps the fridge much tidier because we can stack them all, and they don't get squashed or lost under other things."


Dee Allen with all her reusable goodness

Tip 2: Don’t offer customers single use cups, cutlery, napkins ….anything single use. And make your own multi-purpose cleaner. 

By Blue Moon Cafe, Preston in partnership with Darebin City Council



Tip 3: Ask your suppliers to bring produce in reusable crates/boxes

By Terra Marde, Northcote  in partnership with Darebin City Council


Let us know your tips to improve sustainability in the hospitality industry - we love to be inspired by you.