The plastic straw bans across the world

Below article originally publish August 2019:
Plastic straw bans are spreading across the world, and the penalty for not adhering to these bans is justifiably severe! 

If this is an indication of things to come in Australia then businesses need to be prepared. For example, a bill proposed in California would fine businesses up to $1000 US for offering a customer a straw. In Seattle where the ban is in full effect, businesses are fined $250 US for providing plastic straws. While you can't put a price on saving the turtles this seems to be a good place to start. 

Although there are no straw bans in Australia yet, there are signs South Australia might be leading the charge. The Environment Minister David Speirs launched two discussion papers seeking the views of South Australians on single-use plastics, with a plan to introduce legislation to introduce a ban.  

Fortunately most business are proactively making the switch, but for those not motivated by cute turtles, hopefully the prospect of a big fine will convince them otherwise.

So don't get left behind, make the sustainable switch!