Composting Service

Each year, Australians send over 7 million tonnes of food/organic waste to landfill, wasting precious resources and releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. 

As wheat straws are 100% natural they contain valuable resources which can infuse the soil with nutrients to create compost or green energy. So why waste this amazing resource?

We've partnered with Australia's leading providers of organic recovery solutions to offer convenient and responsible waste management that works for you.

Step 1: We meet with you to understand your waste management needs and provide you with an idea of the solutions available including; checking out how much space you have, what kind of bins you'll need, and what the right pick-up schedule/frequency is.

Step 2: Once you're happy, we deliver your special bin for food/organic waste.

Step 3: At the agreed/specified time, our waste partners purpose-built organic waste trucks arrive to collect your food/organic waste and take it to one of our dedicated organics recovery partners in your city.

Step 4: Our EPA licensed organics recovery partners use proven technologies to recover valuable resources including 100% renewable energy and organic fertiliser, powering Aussie households and providing nutrients to local farmers.


Ready to join the war on waste? Divert your food waste from the landfill, reduce methane and create green energy? We'd love to hear from! Email us or fill in the form below: