Our impact

The journey to making things better is a long one, here are some of the little ways we try to make a difference.

    • 1. Renewable resources.

    • Wheat stems are considered an agricultural waste product of the wheat harvesting process, therefore we are not depleting any natural resources when making this product.

    • 2. Recycled packaging.

      wheat drinking straws

      The box for straws doubles up as a mailer. We use recycled plastic sellotape for the outside of big boxes, and compostable paper tape with biodegradable glue for smaller boxes. For the occasions we do need a mailer for samples we use compostable Hero Packaging.

    • 3. Volunteering.

      We dive into the ocean to collect plastic with Operation Strawkle. We Take 3 for the sea And we speak to business owners about reducing their plastic with Plastic Free Bondi, this service isn’t just limited to Bondi - if you are a business and you’d like to learn about other more sustainable products let us know. We’d love to hear from you!